Education is truly the gateway to the world. Quality education molds the minds of young people and also instills confidence in them. This is so important for vulnerable children who have often been pushed to the margins of society.

We believe every child has the right to a quality education. At Rafiki, we support a range of education and training options for young people to help them build skills – not only receive certificates. 

We look at the problems blocking young people from education, and tackle them in turn. If school fees are lacking, we work to find a way to support students to go to school while at the same time boosting their families with income-generating activities that will help             guardians take responsibility for these costs in future. Where students do not have                 uniforms, Rafiki produces and sponsors needy kids.                                                                                 
In Rarieda sub-County, technical training options are limited. To address this, we opened our own Training and Resource Centre that provides a range of technical courses for young people from the local communities.

Our education and training programs for children and youth include: 

  • A scholarship program that enables more than 200 adolescents to attend technical training, secondary school and tertiary training. The scholarship program goes beyond simply paying school fees. The program mentors children throughout their entire school year and engages them in termly 2-week mentorship workshops that develop and enhance their self-awareness.
  • A public school support program, which engages seventeen government primary and secondary schools focusing upon strengthening existing resources, which includes ongoing teacher training in Psycho-social Support, Children’s Rights, Child to Child approaches, reproductive health education, and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Rafiki coaches and mentors teachers and child leaders alike on ways in which to strengthen extracurricular club activities, which includes hosting inter-school debates and sports competitions within local areas. 
  • Additionally, Rafiki supports WASH programs that includes infrastructure such as water tanks and hand washing units. The public schools program has resulted in an 80% improvement in class participation and scholastic aptitude, thus demonstrating an improvement in cognitive competence and inter-dependence.
  • Education and Scholarship Program 2016.