Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki Kenia is our trusted partner in Switzerland. Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki receives Swiss-based donations in support of Rafiki’s work with orphans and vulnerable children, youth and their families. 100% of all funds collected for Rafiki are then transferred to us in Kenya.

Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki is an association of members in Switzerland who contribute annually towards Rafiki's operational requirements, as well as specific programs including Rafiki's work with children at our Psycho-Social Support Centres. Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki's members offer a flexible funding model designed to enable Rafiki to meet the changing needs of a growing and dynamic organization; and emerging needs that arise for our children.

To donate through Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki's tax-deductible arm in Switzerland; contact us at: 

Verein Hoffnung aug Morgen Rafiki Kenia
c/o Brigitte Spielhofer Gasser
Hegglistrasse 12
6373 Ennetbürgen
Tel: +41 076 491 8140